For every side of youFor every side of you

A little Didot and some highlighter go a long way…

My friends and I wondered about coding a wallpaper for our phones that might change daily. One day while studying in the library, it dawned on me that hiding text leads the brain to assume words in its place.  Experimenting with a favorite typeface of mine, I typed a quick proud statement of who I was and highlighted the descriptor that made it me. Here’s what that turned into.

Moodpaper background mockup ad for webMoodpaper background mockup ad for web

A wallpaper that changes with you.

Each glance at my phone prompted me to demand more from the screen.  I wanted it to make me feel inspired any time I decided to look at it.  Imagine all the fantastic words that could go in front of designer – a badass designer, a sustainable designer, an industrial designer.

Moodpaper background mockup spreadMoodpaper background mockup spread

Variation for any vocation.

No matter the use or personality, it changes with you.  It is as simple or complex as you make it.