Reebok + SCAD

A Sports Icon

Made popular by iconic atheletes in the age of the Pump, aerobics and running, Reebok is known for its out of the box style and unique graphic branding. Completeing its rebrand in 2011 with the new Delta logo, Reebok has branded itself representing the three pillars of positive self-change including mental, physical and social, following the lifestyle of personal fitness. Today they have a growing presence in the fitness industry representing yoga, dance, aerobics and CrossFit.

The SCAD Team

As part of the SCAD Collaborative Learning Center, SCAD students can participate in company sponsored projects that take place over a ten week period.  Made up of twelve students from the school of design, our task was to design apparel and accessories using Reebok’s manufacturing waste.  

Reebok Landfill ImageReebok Landfill Image

The Problem: Millions of tons of fabric go to waste each year.

Every year, garment factories dump mountains of scraps into landfills because it’s cheaper than recycling. 

The garment industry tends to waste 15% to 20% of its material.

The average American throws out 65 Ibs of clothing a year.  

Millions of tons of unused fabric at Chinese mills go to waste each year when dyed the wrong color.

Reebok Group Ideation fro webReebok Group Ideation fro web

How could we do it better?

Developing many ideas for a midterm presentation, we approached the brief as a blank slate for sustainable, second life goods.  Some of the sketches here represent minimally constructed soft goods so as to cut down offcut waste and manufacturing time.  In the end, Reebok focused our developments towards apparel, packaging and accessories.  

The Final Concept

For the presentation, two of my ideas were chosen to be developed among the final six.  My favorite of the pair represents the blend between apparel and accessory through a hoodie backpack.  Featuring less than ten die cut components and using an efficient amont of stitching, the final product was far better than we ever dreamed it would be.  

Reebok Backpack spreadReebok Backpack spread
In context shot copyIn context shot copy

The Ree-Pack

Designed to reuse manufacturing waste from end of roll fabric and soft good offcuts, the Ree-Pack is the ideal drawstring commuter bag. During use the Ree-Pack will suspend and tension any oddly shaped item in an X cradle on the exterior, while the interior of the bag provides a waterproof space for any clothing or other items that a Fitgen might need.  Constructed from a stiff waterproof neoprene, the body is made of one large swatch.  The sides provide breatheability and stretch constructed from two swatches of anti-microbial material. Combined with recycled shoestrings for suspension and support, and the lack of hardware, the minimal construction keeps costs low for the end consumer.

The Ree-Pack could platform a new style by combining an accessory item, in this case a bag, with an apparel item, a hoodie.  Reebok saw the versatility in the design, and noted, “We think this could become iconic.”