John Deere Toy 4x4

Ertl Representing John Deere

Building craft toys since 1945, Ertl represents a piece of American toy history as one of the most successful diecast toy manufacturerers in the world. Known for their scale replica cars, plastic model kits and farm equipment toys, Ertl continues to make quality toys for the young motor enthusiest.  Respresenting John Deere, Ertl currently manufactures many of the iconic tractors and 4x4s that help farm the U.S.

The Brief

As part of a materials and manufacturing class at SCAD, I participated in a week long analysis of a mass produced good assembled from a minimum of 20 parts.  Considered my final for the class, my task was to detail the process and materials, model the product to scale digitally, depict an exploded view and discuss possible improvements.  Here are some renders and my final poster spread for this project.

Final Poster

Finished for class last fall, this poster represents one of the core elements of an industrial designer; an understanding of how to develop a product from concept to manufactured product.

Feedback from Professor

“Great model analysis and successful understanding of product!” – Joel Wittkamp