Dynacraft BSC + SCAD

A Global Leader

Dynacraft BSC has been promoting family fun for over 30 years, recognized as the leader in the wheeled goods category of children’s toys. Their products can be found at some of the largest retailers in the US.  Partnering with iconic brands such as Hello Kitty, Tonka, Hot Wheels, Spider Man and household names such as BMW, The Avengers and Barbie, Dynacraft continues to be a industry leader with higher play value and family friendly prices than any other brand.  

The SCAD Team

As part of the SCAD Collaborative Learning Center, SCAD students can participate in company sponsored projects that take place over a ten week period.  Made up of ten undergraduate and ten graduate students in the industrial design program, our task was to design three products for production with Dynacraft.  Elected as project manager, I helped lead, delegate, and manage tasks on a team organized schedule.  

The Brief

1. Develop a new universal chassis for all future 12-Volt powered ride on vehicles.

2. Develop three new innovative bodies that will mate with the chassis.

3. Develop add on features and accessories that mate with all future 12-Volt ride on models.

4. Develop a product within the $400 – $600 price range.


We found inspiration in the iconic Volkswagen Bus from the 60s, as well as current trends in pop culture, such as the British royal carriage, urban food trucks and desert trophy trucks.  

Ideation and Team Renders

Sketching by hand and rendering on Cintiqs in Photoshop, we developed more than 50 concepts for Dynacraft by the midterm deadline.  Of the 50 concepts, three final ideas were chosen to develop; the Big Time Baja, the 12 Volts Wagon and the Princess Carriage.  The above sketches are frames from my pen and marker ideation.  The below sketches are team renders of ideas chosen to develop.  

A Shared Platform

The next step to developing our final concepts included building around dimensions, and those dimensions required alot of modularity.  Requested by Dynacraft, we developed a chassis design that could be shared between different size models.  For simple manufacturing and durability we developed a blow molded form to act as the spine, while an adjustable seat and steering linkage allowed the end user to easily assemble the platform.  Modular pins nest the seat into a forwards position for larger feature areas in the rear of the vehicle, while the rear position allows for more foot room on larger coupes.  

Chassis for webChassis for web

The Final Concepts

Using dimensions of their existing 12 volt powered ride ons as well as the concepts chosen by Dynacraft, we converted each sketch into cad models via Rhinoceros and Solidworks.  Developing two 1/4 scale models and one full size rolling model, our ten week excercise achieved more than we could have ever hoped for.  Here are the final three concepts.

12 Volts Wagon for web12 Volts Wagon for web

12 Volts Wagon

Inspired by the hippie vans of the 1960s, the 12 Volts Wagon is a new kind of ride-on that represents a platform for different uses.  Utilizing a forward layout, the design features a large truck bed that can act as a surfer truck, or be easily turned into one of these other models; an EMS Van, Self-Service Food Truck, or Lets-Go-Camping Doll House.  

Big Time Baja for webBig Time Baja for web

Big Time Baja

Ever dream of racing your friends off road like they do in the Baja 1000? Big Time Baja will race you for laps on end. Complete with Electric Pump for pit stops and room for a co-pilot, Big Time Baja is perfect for any backyard race.

Princess Carriage for webPrincess Carriage for web

Princess Carriage

Inspired by Cinderella’s personal coach, we build this full size (young) Princess Carriage to carry up to two royals inside. Complete with Wand-Wave ignition and Flicker-Lamps the Princess Carriage is perfect for running from dragons and back yard adventures.

Feedback from Dynacraft and SCAD

“The project was a home run!” – John Bisges, Dynacraft

“… the best CLC project we’ve had in a long time.” – Victor Ermoli, Dean of Design SCAD